Drawings in Perspective

We all remember our childhood drawings. The tree that was made of a rectangle and a circle, or the building that had no doors. While realistic to us at the time, they almost always lacked a certain real-world perspective. Ever wonder what those drawings would look like in the real-life landscape? As part of the […]

Pandora Radio: A Rebrand

Pandora’s streaming service has changed shape dramatically over the past decade, but their brand has always remained constant. After 11 years, Pandora has created a new identity. The new logo has been unveiled as the company begins to shift its streaming service into an on-demand service, which will compete with the likes of Spotify and […]

Cloud and Proud

We have been long fascinated with Richard Clarkson’s “The Cloud”— which is an interactive lamp and speaker system designed to mimic a thundercloud in appearance. It uses motion sensors and LED’s to create the illusion of a lightning storm within the cloud. While the original Cloud was wired, the newest version of The Cloud is […]

Prepare for Takeoff

Connecticut – (October 5th, 2016) – Tailwind is a private seaplane charter company that needed help in attracting new blue chip clientele. We worked with the Tailwind team to establish a cohesive brand identity across multiple platforms by redesigning their website and creating brochures and stationery that spoke to the luxury and convenience they offer to […]

Southern Connecticut Wine Company Wins!

Connecticut – (October 3rd, 2016) –Berry Creative (www.Berry CreativeLLC.com) announced that the identity designed for Southern Connecticut Wine Company, a Connecticut-based wine producer, won an American Graphic Design Award. Of 10,000 entires, only 1,500 were selected. Southern Connecticut Wine Co. is a winery in Connecticut that was looking to redefine its perception. Previously under a […]