NicholsMD of Greenwich is founded by Dr. Kim Nichols, board-certified dermatologist, cosmetic surgeon and TV personality.

Thanks to a partnership with SkinCeuticals, NicholsMD needed an e-commerce solution to help extend her reach beyond the walls of the office, and handle the many newly added products, variations, memberships, product sales and more, with minimal back-end administration.

Client: NicholsMD
Industry: Dermatology
Employees: 10+
Locations: Greenwich, CT
Communications Impact: Website

Bringing essential e-commerce to one of the tri-state’s most respected dermatologists and TV personality.
We used the leading e-commerce solution for WordPress and WooCommerce to create 
and maintain a highly functional storefront.
To continue the expression of NicholsMD’s brand, we created essential communications and sales materials, interal collateral, along with a new product packaging.
This is an example of a trifold brochure created for an event.
Everything about NicholsMD communicates a high end Medspa experience – even the printed material is designed to be clean, bright and engaging to the the audience.
This travel bag was designed with an imprinted bag, bag sleeve and 4 insets.

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