The Blake Hotel

Modern and cozy, refined yet familiar, The Blake Hotel is a boutique hospitality space where you’re meant to live your best life. The hotel embodies the concept of local luxury, a philosophy rooted in community, aesthetics and comfort.

Inspired by New Haven’s forward-looking spirit, The Blake sits at the intersection of past and future in one of America’s oldest towns. The namesake, Alice Blake, was the first female graduate of Yale Law School.  The New England bistro, run by Michelin-starred chef Matt Lambert, is an homage to Hamilton Park, one of New Haven’s–and the nation’s–first public green spaces.

In keeping with the direction of the hotel, we went beyond the expected – to develop messaging and collateral that weren’t just same-old hotel materials.

Client: The Blake Hotel
Industry: Leisure and Hospitality, Hotels, Event management
Employees: 30+
Locations: New Haven, CT
Communications Impact: Design System, Website, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing

With a brand that exuded more of a lifestyle than a mere lodging destination, we kept things clean, easy to read, easy to navigate.
To that end, we also established a special “Happenings” section, since the vibe of
New Haven is so integral to the personality 
of the space.
All collateral needed to complement the web experience and reflect the welcoming vibe of the website
from overview brochure to branded in-room materials.