United Nations Federal Credit Union, the financial institution that serves those serving in the United Nations and their families and supporters, sought to drive home its fall mortgage campaign worldwide. They needed a firm to design, implement and promote a worldwide offering on a tight time schedule.

Client: UNFCU
Industry: Financial Services
Employees: 114,000 current members
Locations: Worldwide
Communications Impact: Web Banner Homepage, Direct Mailer, Single Panel, Double Panel, Triple Panel, Print Statements, eStatements, Take Away, Digital Signage, ATM Screens, Email Template, Modifications to Corporate Website

Mortgage Campaign email, in tablet format – part of the effort to drive traffic to the new UNFCU site
Bringing the Mortgage Campaign to the people via ATM screens to capture more eyes
Graphic, easy to read posters played a role in the Mortgage Campaign launch
Internal campaign was created to remind UNFCU employees of the opportunities for career advancement
Double-sided, easy-reference fact sheet was part of the "Own the Journey" program
Collateral expanded on the internal "Journey" message, highlighting specific steps to advancement

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