ProvenCut is unlike any existing CNC resource. Within an ever growing database of proven cutting recipes, manufacturers can find cutting speeds and feeds backed by proven data and video. Filter through hundreds of recipes by CNC machine brand, material, gage length, diameter, tool brand—you name it. Find the exact result you want, no more searching the internet for questionable recommendations or spending time reading complex guides.  

Client: ProvenCut
Industry: Manufacturing
Employees: 5 and Growing
Locations: Ohio
Communications Impact: Website

A key feature of ProvenCut’s website is the video and photo examples of the process and cut results. Users can also save Speed & Feeds recipes to their library for future reference.
This website effectively brings together multiple data points. With this website, a CNC operator can confidently reference a specific recipe for their own machine for optimal performance. No more estimation, risk, or hassle—just results.