Designed for Exposure; Client Revs up Visibility Culminating with a Visit from First Lady Obama and a Host of U.N. Guests

Contracted to design an engaging and user friendly website for Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture, Berry Creative highlights the need for proper branding in the non-profit sector.

“Here was this fantastic center with a lot of political backing and resources attached to it, but without a way to engage those in the immediate and national community to their mission,” said J. Berry of the challenges Stone Barn’s Center and other non-profits face.

By creating a consistent brand identity, the newly launched website is now able to reach a diverse audience. This saves the center money in marketing as well as automating community outreach and records. Now a wide range of visitors use the site— kids go to learn about day camp, people go there to learn about sustainability or composting and farmers go there to learn about farming.

Just last week First Lady Michelle Obama and a contingent from the UN visited Stone Barn, in an effort to highlight the need for sustainable farming and organic nutrition, as reported in The New York Times Promoting Healthy Eating, With 31 Other First Ladies. The new high traffic website is now the perfect stage to capitalize on this latest achievement, giving the center a growing momentum that can only build over time