SiriusDecisions is a leader in B2B sales and marketing solutions, including best-practices research, modeling tools, and data. As the scope of their services expanded into new disciplines and markets, they approached Berry Creative looking for new ways to communicate their unique value proposition. The ambitious task of rebranding SiriusDecisions started with exhaustive research. Every effort that followed – from brand strategy and simplified solutions architecture, to logo refresh, collateral redesign and development of new brand management tools– sprang from specific insights gained from our months of research and collaboration with the client.

Client: SiriusDecisions
Industry: Research and Advisory Services
Employees: 300 and growing
Locations: Wilton CT, USA
Communications Impact: Brand Strategy, Naming and Brand Architecture, Corporate Identity, Visual System and Design Guidelines, Messaging Platform, Corporate Website, Client Web portals, Intranet, White Paper design, Signage, Events

Sirius is literally “the brightest star in the night sky.” We felt such legendary navigational qualities weren’t making a close enough connection in the old identity. There was a more directional benefit to be expressed.
We wallpapered JB Design on a daily basis, creating, refining and re-refining the new SiriusDecisions identity until all objectives were met.
Every piece generated by the company was carefully rebranded – including research documents that adhered to the new design system.
Larger than life. A JB Design specialty – extended PowerPoint presentations that take center stage. This one designed for SiriusDecisions’ 2014 Summit Conference.
To guide everyone within SiriusDecisions, we crafted a comprehensive, yet readily accessible, Brand Guide document. The proper care and feeding of a refreshed brand is critical.
The Brand Guide features numerous real-world sections – including the proper use of iconography, as well as typography.
Event signage for the 2015 Summit Conference reflected the new design disciplines.
For the 2014 Summit Conference, we produced daily Learning Packets featuring the clean new design approach.
Consistency is key. PowerPoint templates were created for a unified, professional look for all presentations.
Even the company’s 2015 Holiday Cards reflected the shapes, colors and attitude of the enterprise-wide rebranding.
Tradeshow booths were also taken into consideration with the rebranding effort.
The green-arrow design of the new logo acts as effective directional signage at all SiriusDecisions events.
Summit-themed bow ties made their way to the event floor – sometimes when a rebrand makes a statement, it can also be a fashion statement.
The SiriusDecisions rebrand extended to every conceivable level of event exposure.
The goal for conference signage: sophistication meets practicality. Using the new brand guidelines to enhance the experience of attending the 2014 Summit Conference.
Summit Conference signage needs to make a confident, professional statement. Graphics created by JB Design set the stage every year.

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