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We Are All Users

Whether we’re swiping an app, buying a coffee or riding a subway, all of life is a user experience. If an in-app purchase fails, if the line at the coffee shop is 12 deep, or the subway is late, that poor user experience stays with us. It leaves an impression – and not a positive […]

Mobile-Friendly Websites by the Numbers

Smartphones have completely changed the way websites are designed–they are considered to be mobile-friendly if they maintain full functionality when viewed on a phone, and account for issues that may occur if a desktop version is viewed on a smaller screen–such as button sizes, hover animations, and readability. While it was once common practice to […]

Let’s Talk About Animal Symbols

Let’s face it, we’ll take just about any opportunity to talk about our four-legged head of HR, Pixel The-Dog Berry. While Pixel is our unofficial brand ambassador, the practice of using animals in logos and mascots to symbolize aspects of a brand is as old as branding itself–and some of these animals have fascinating origin […]

Let’s Talk About Brand Blurring

We, like many others, were excited when Pandora updated their archaic logo in October. Their move from a stale, rigid serif monogram to a simplified silhouette that allowed for infinite possibilities to play was exciting, and we were thrilled. Recently, however, a point of contention has surfaced: the blue gradient and monogram sans-serif ‘P’ identity […]

This Week in Design: Reviving the Past

It seems like a lot of us have been thinking about the past lately. From renewed interest in iconic logos from the 1970’s to the launch of our work modernizing the identity of the historic Goodwin Hotel, new celebrations of childhood memories of ice cream, and the imagination of Play Doh, this week design news […]

Building on the Past: Helping The Goodwin Hotel Return to Downtown Hartford

These are fast-changing times. All of us of a certain age remember when touch-tone phones and digital watches were the apotheosis of modern technology. Now, kids barely talk on phones and instead of wristwatches, they use their… wait for it… phones. The pace of change is dizzying. It took mankind about 5,300 years to go […]

Calling All Interns!

Berry Creative is a growing branding and communications agency with a national client base. We are seeking a bright and talented design intern to come learn from our skilled team beginning in mid/end May 2017. Working on a variety of projects in a variety of capacities, this position is one for those who wish to […]

JB Design Helps Hotel Zero Degrees Turn Up the Heat

As you may have seen in the news recently, we just helped Hotel Zero Degrees launch a completely new brand, including logo, website and collateral material. Our job as their marketing and communications agency is to not only craft and launch a new brand and identity, but tell a unique and exciting story, a story […]

Drawings in Perspective

We all remember our childhood drawings. The tree that was made of a rectangle and a circle, or the building that had no doors. While realistic to us at the time, they almost always lacked a certain real-world perspective. Ever wonder what those drawings would look like in the real-life landscape? As part of the […]

Pandora Radio: A Rebrand

Pandora’s streaming service has changed shape dramatically over the past decade, but their brand has always remained constant. After 11 years, Pandora has created a new identity. The new logo has been unveiled as the company begins to shift its streaming service into an on-demand service, which will compete with the likes of Spotify and […]

Cloud and Proud

We have been long fascinated with Richard Clarkson’s “The Cloud”— which is an interactive lamp and speaker system designed to mimic a thundercloud in appearance. It uses motion sensors and LED’s to create the illusion of a lightning storm within the cloud. While the original Cloud was wired, the newest version of The Cloud is […]

Prepare for Takeoff

Connecticut – (October 5th, 2016) – Tailwind is a private seaplane charter company that needed help in attracting new blue chip clientele. We worked with the Tailwind team to establish a cohesive brand identity across multiple platforms by redesigning their website and creating brochures and stationery that spoke to the luxury and convenience they offer to […]

Southern Connecticut Wine Company Wins!

Connecticut – (October 3rd, 2016) –Berry Creative (www.Berry announced that the identity designed for Southern Connecticut Wine Company, a Connecticut-based wine producer, won an American Graphic Design Award. Of 10,000 entires, only 1,500 were selected. Southern Connecticut Wine Co. is a winery in Connecticut that was looking to redefine its perception. Previously under a […]

A New Look for a Classic Art

Studio Temp, a design agency located in Italy, has created a striking and unconventional identity for Teatro Donizetti, a theatre based in Bergamo, Italy for their upcoming Lyric Opera Season. The identity uses vibrant colors such as lemon, orange, and navy to create beautiful contrasts that captivate and entrance the viewer. The identity is a […]

Foundation Renovation

Connecticut – (September 28th, 2016) – The Darien Foundation for Technology & Community helps provide funding to local causes. Facing issues with the length of their name, relevance in the community, an ever increasing competitive landscape, and logo reproduction, they hired Berry Creative for brand guidance. We began by addressing their name in regards to length, […]

Yale Medicine: A Diagnosis in Design

Connecticut – (September 26th, 2016) – Berry Creative (, today announced that it will be consulting with the Yale School of Medicine in effort to place more emphasis on the design and user experience for the functionality of the Yale School of Medicine Website. The Yale School of Medicine is the graduate medical school at Yale […]

The New Google

In a world where everyone is viewing the internet from different types of devices, Google’s new brand identity makes it more accessible and useful to their users. When re-designing the iconic Google logo, it was important that the classic home page we all know and love met the users’ expectations across this multi-device interaction. Designers […]

Berry Creative Takes Lead for the Goodwin Hotel

Connecticut – (September 19th, 2016) – Berry Creative (, a fully integrated creative agency, today announced that it has been named Lead Creative Agency for Branding and Identity for The Goodwin Hotel in Hartford, CT, which is due to open before the years end.  The agency was awarded lead creative duties after The Goodwin Hotel […]

We Want You!

Berry Creative is a growing branding and communications agency seeking a bright and talented designer to work with our skilled team.  The freelance to perm position will entail assignments to foster a further command of design principles and industry standards and meeting with the design director on a regular basis to assess progress as well […]

Invite Success!

We’ve teamed up with Hotel Zero Degrees in Norwalk to get the word out about this new and well-reviewed gem of Fairfield County. Managing branding and researching their targeted demographic we have refined their logo and are now working to develop the best website for their business.

Hitting the Main Stage in Nashville

During the past two months Berry Creative has provided design support for our client SiriusDecisions on their 11th annual Summit event. Their 2016 event draws more than 2,500 professionals in b-to-b sales and Fortune 500 companies to Nashville. We have provided support in designing and animating over 40 presentations for this event, 10 of which […]

Calling all Interns

JB Design is a growing branding and communications agency with a national client base. We are seeking a bright and talented design intern to come learn from our skilled team beginning in mid/end May 2016. Working on a variety of projects in a variety of capacities, this position is one for those who wish to further their portfolio…

Universals Ring True

In our fast paced fall mortgage campaign for the United Nations Federal Credit Union. By focusing and threading message and imaging seamlessly across platforms and cultures we were able to not only strengthen the campaign’s efficiency, but also to highlight the global audience that this campaign serves.

Animating Business-Animating Possibilities

Using animation to highlight their products and applications we helped Terex roll out their best wishes this holiday season in seven languages! Showcasing the powerful impact they have in their industry also showcases the powerful impact of client connection. Take positivity and business global this year!

When Business Grows, Grow the Website!

We took Clearspan’s website from a static digital storefront to a dynamic, responsive and multifunctional extension of their business. After six months of research and development, the 300 page website now has back end updating capability, social media linked content, and an across the board modernization.

Portability. Optimization. Consolidation.

Successful marketing takes audiences along for a ride—connecting with multiple demographics on multiple levels. Storm Trysail wanted to reach their highest potential market and to use social media to their advantage—and with a new social app designed by JB Designs, they are doing just that…

Our Passion is Fueled by our Clients

But we’ve never been TATTOOED! Meet Amanda Brackett and Deana Morin, co-owners of Southern Connecticut Wine Co. and newly tattooed with the logo we developed for her business!

Award Winning Website Boosts Non-Profits Revenues, While Making News with History

Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks for any non-profit is developing a relatable and compelling image that finds sympathetic donors for their cause.

With that in mind, Bedford’s Historical Society aimed to revolutionize their own image, in hopes of furthering their mission of ensuring their town’s heritage through ten historical buildings and over 95 acres of land…

New Partnership Kicks Off at NYSE

In collaboration with the NFL HOPE Program Mission and the Living Heart Foundation, Covidien will be relying on JB Design to create an image and multifaceted marketing campaign to resonate with both Covidien employees and potential clients. This new initiative will provide the critical informational structure linking the medical community with those who are in need…

How to Feed Your Patrons and Keep Them Hungry For More

They have no reservations when it comes to serving good food…but maybe others should.

In a struggling economy, many service businesses are holding back on the elements of business that they deem superfluous, or that they feel are able to be postponed for a later, more lucrative time. JB Design is challenging this mindset and helping restaurant owners take control of their profitability, with simple streamlining measures…

From Spain appears on QVC

Once a whole sale retailer, From Spain was rebranded as a high quality retail brand, with a product line extension positioned for “restaurants, wholesalers and individuals who appreciate authentic Spanish items” a position coming out of the brand research…

Berry Creative Wins Communication Arts Award for Logo Creation

JB Design Wins Communication Arts Award for Logo Creation
Plucked from the finest vineyards and tended to with ambitious standards, the wine list of 55 Degrees in Fairfield perfectly accessorizes their dishes and clientele. JB Design’s logo illustrates this perfectly, and now they are taking home the award to prove it…