They’re out to make a difference. We’re helping them do it.

The creators of Cuf Cakes started their company just a few months ago with a simple idea: Sell high-quality, fun products in order to raise money to cure kids of a range of diseases. Cuf Cakes had a truly nifty product – stylish clip-on pant cuffs and matching belts – and a potentially huge market of women who enjoy blending fashion sense with a sense of social responsibility. What Cuf Cakes needed was a way to get to market – fast!

A month ago, they turned to Berry Creative for help, and we began providing them with swift and enthusiastic strategic counsel and professional design – including their logo – to make their marketing ideas come vividly to life. Recently we helped them launch their e-commerce site and are now hard at work on designs for their collateral and packaging.

We’re honored to be helping Cuf Cakes to realize their world-changing mission. We hope you’ll visit their web site and see the exciting work we’re doing together.