Calling all Interns

JB Design is a growing branding and communications agency with a national client base. We are seeking a bright and talented design intern to come learn from our skilled team beginning in mid/end May 2016. Working on a variety of projects in a variety of capacities, this position is one for those who wish to further their portfolio…

Universals Ring True

In our fast paced fall mortgage campaign for the United Nations Federal Credit Union. By focusing and threading message and imaging seamlessly across platforms and cultures we were able to not only strengthen the campaign’s efficiency, but also to highlight the global audience that this campaign serves.

Animating Business-Animating Possibilities

Using animation to highlight their products and applications we helped Terex roll out their best wishes this holiday season in seven languages! Showcasing the powerful impact they have in their industry also showcases the powerful impact of client connection. Take positivity and business global this year!

When Business Grows, Grow the Website!

We took Clearspan’s website from a static digital storefront to a dynamic, responsive and multifunctional extension of their business. After six months of research and development, the 300 page website now has back end updating capability, social media linked content, and an across the board modernization.

Portability. Optimization. Consolidation.

Successful marketing takes audiences along for a ride—connecting with multiple demographics on multiple levels. Storm Trysail wanted to reach their highest potential market and to use social media to their advantage—and with a new social app designed by JB Designs, they are doing just that…

Our Passion is Fueled by our Clients

But we’ve never been TATTOOED! Meet Amanda Brackett and Deana Morin, co-owners of Southern Connecticut Wine Co. and newly tattooed with the logo we developed for her business!

Award Winning Website Boosts Non-Profits Revenues, While Making News with History

Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks for any non-profit is developing a relatable and compelling image that finds sympathetic donors for their cause.

With that in mind, Bedford’s Historical Society aimed to revolutionize their own image, in hopes of furthering their mission of ensuring their town’s heritage through ten historical buildings and over 95 acres of land…

New Partnership Kicks Off at NYSE

In collaboration with the NFL HOPE Program Mission and the Living Heart Foundation, Covidien will be relying on JB Design to create an image and multifaceted marketing campaign to resonate with both Covidien employees and potential clients. This new initiative will provide the critical informational structure linking the medical community with those who are in need…

How to Feed Your Patrons and Keep Them Hungry For More

They have no reservations when it comes to serving good food…but maybe others should.

In a struggling economy, many service businesses are holding back on the elements of business that they deem superfluous, or that they feel are able to be postponed for a later, more lucrative time. JB Design is challenging this mindset and helping restaurant owners take control of their profitability, with simple streamlining measures…

From Spain appears on QVC

Once a whole sale retailer, From Spain was rebranded as a high quality retail brand, with a product line extension positioned for “restaurants, wholesalers and individuals who appreciate authentic Spanish items” a position coming out of the brand research…

Berry Creative Wins Communication Arts Award for Logo Creation

JB Design Wins Communication Arts Award for Logo Creation
Plucked from the finest vineyards and tended to with ambitious standards, the wine list of 55 Degrees in Fairfield perfectly accessorizes their dishes and clientele. JB Design’s logo illustrates this perfectly, and now they are taking home the award to prove it…